Saturday, March 31, 2007

PBP Challenges

Here are two LO's I did last night and this afternoon for two challenges.

Credits: Star Quality Kit by Kelli Puddy

Circle Stitches from Karen Hunts Sewing Kit
Font Kidprint

This one there were certain things that had to be in the LO. Circles, staples, flowers, Love & Red.

Credits: Craft Jar Kit by Miss Mint
Font: Kidsprint

Friday, March 30, 2007

Easy to handle

OK this is a one off that I did for Liz Pike of Strawberry Wine Designs (hmmm I LOVE strawberry wine....the drinking type that is.) She put out a call on DST at the start of last week for a "temp CT." I thought I would give it a go. Her designs arent really my style BUT I took it as a challenge and ran with it. I really enjoyed doing it too. What I ended up with is far from what I started off with. You can find here products at:

And here it is as a double LO.

CREDITS: In The Bag Kit by Strawberry Wine Designs.
Staples by Heather Heinzer
Font: Kidsprint

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blog Prompt from for Thursday

Are you the partying type? Yes but no.....I know, I know there's indecision in that. I suppose it really depends. On what type of party it I out of my comfortzone, do we have the kids with us, who is there. There are just so many factors. I have to say though that recently I havent really been. Its all be "family" ones and they seem to be so much "work." I would rather be at home with DH and the kids with a couple of mates over instead.

Write about a party you've had or attended. We have had heaps of parties.....the last one that was just from our little family (ie DH, myself and the kids) was Katie's 1st birthday. I was a bit over a month of having MacKenzie. It wasnt to bad. We had it in a park (first time for us to take it away from home) and had a BBQ. No cleaning up we just took most of it home and the majority of it was disposible.

Ever wanted to be the recipient of a surprise party? Hmm no not really. I dont like suprises. I would however love to have a party that I didnt have to think about or organise and do all the work for it. Now THAT would be nice.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


This is a blog that I came across when while doing the DSP Blog Prompt. Anyway I was really impressed by the way that Kristen changed how she posted in regards to the prompt. It was a story and not just an answer to the questions. Even though she answered them all. I also like the name of the blog....Quirky is something that I have been called before (regulary) and I dont mind that tag. So whenever I see or hear of someone else with that title I always check it out :)

Go and have a look its well worth the read if you are looking for something a little different and a refreshing blog.

Grandma's Love

Here is a LO that I have spent a couple of days doing. Mainly because it was so similar to the last LO that I did for Tara. I really wanted it to be differnet. BUT I figured that since it will most likely be in a totally different section in the album I am not to worried.

Anyway this pic was taken nearly to the day that I did the LO 31 yrs ago. Pretty cool huh!

Kit: In Memory of Liz by Tara Dunstan Designs
Flower from Mango Fool Kit by Tara Dunstan Designs
Glitter Heart from Glittery Love by Tara Dunstan Designs
Font: Shardee
These can all be found at:

Blog Prompt from for yesterday (Tuesday)

Is the name you have now the same name that's on your birth certificate? Nope.
If not, what's changed? My surname now I'm married.
If you could change your name (first or middle, no last names for safety please!), what would it be? Hmmm never really think of that. I suppose I did as a kid but now it just seems to "fit" and is "right." I don't even use or have a nickname as such Just doesn't seem right. Hope that made sense to someone.
Why were you named what you were? (Is there a story behind it? Who specifically was responsible for naming you?) Mum and dad changed what they were going to name me I think just before I was born. Mum I think ultimately was responsible.
Are there any names you really hate or love? What are they and why? Cant think of any fight now. I suppose every name is ok because it is someones name after all. BUT some I would never name my children iykwim.


Saturday at about midday (my time) we hit the 500 mark on the counter. Im a bit chuffed about that. Thank you to everyone that reads. Its nice to know someone is interested in my blog :)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Added a blog

I added a new blog to my list today: It's Betty Jo's blog and if you like shabby, country, cottage chic and appreciate GOOD photography then this is the place to go. She also does my Photography Challenge on DST and the photo that she put in was FANTASTIC! You can find it here:
It also gives a bit of an idea of her style.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blogging Celebrities

I have been looking for blogging tools to update my blog tonight and I found this. I did it for abit of fun.

D-List Blogger Oh well I will have to do something about that ;)

Another announcement!!!

OK I have another announncement! I got accepted to another CT team. This was actually just before DeDe Smith. Anyhoo....I am also creating for Tara Dunstan Designs!!! She is great to work with and laid back about it all. She also has some GREAT designs some of them being Australiana. Which of course is pretty hard to find.....well I found it hard! You can catch her designs at Of course I have already done a few LO's and you can see them from my past LO's down below.

So now I get to have this on my signature (and the others if I want):

I want to be like Gina Miller? (Organize your files)

For those that haven't seen it there is a GREAT thread here:

on how to organize all your files. It is based on Gina Millers post from her blog last year. It also has some other ways you can organize your scrapping files. I know that I will be giving it a go.....when I finally have some time to do it. I really want to do it all at the same time and not partially and have to leave it for a while iykwim.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Get it in Store NOW!!

Here is the link & add to the Easter kit: Hippity Hoppity by DeDe Smith that I used in my last LO.
Also a bit of a review and what you would expect to find in it.

This is a great kit for all your Easter LO's. There are heaps of elements and papers. This will help fill an album for sure!!!

Find this in store NOW:
Let me know if you use this kit. I would love to see your LO's. Leave me a link in the comments and I will leave you some love too!

Hippity Hoppity...Easter's on its way! And so is the parade of colors and goodies that await you in this fun-filled kit! Full of delightful animals, flowers, and all those wonderful things that say SPRINGTIME.

Kit Includes:
20 12"x12" Papers (8 different designs, 5 colors)
11 Eggs ( 5 solids, 5 patterned, 1 decorated)
10 Brads (in Bunny & Chick Shapes, 5 colors)
5 Bunnies (5 colors)
5 Chicks (5 colors)
5 Flowers (5 colors)
5 Ribbons
5 Bows
1 Complete Alpha with number set
1 Basket
1 Butterfly
1 Chick in Egg
1 Easter Bunny
1 Frame

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blog Prompt from for yesterday (Thursday)

Did you, or did you not, eat your vegetables as a youngster? Yep always ate mine and some. Me and my brother would swap each other. He would eat my meat and I would have his vegies. I thought it was fair....and nope Im not a vegetarian but pretty close according to my DH.
What sorts of veggies will and won't you eat nowadays? Eat pretty much anything still. As long as its cooked Eggplant.
Home garden grown, organic only, or anything goes? Anything goes (within reason) although I rather home grown.

Creative Team

I have been accpeted into ANOTHER Creative Team. This one is for two designers who own CLD ( Kellie and Natalie. I cant wait to get started. Oh and these girls are Aussie designers! So go on support another Aussie :) Shamless arent I ;)

Just thought I would mention this....

In 15 days I have had 380 visitors!!! Thank you to all those that read my blog. And to those that comment. If you havent left a comment before I would love to hear from you :) I do go and have a look at all the blogs of the people that leave comments. I do try to leave a comment for them as well. Although sometimes I get distracted with the girls and forget where I was at. If I havent left a comment then please comment here and I will go and have another look :)

Thank you again for looking, reading and commenting!

Hippity Hoppity Kit by DeDe Smith

This is my first assignment for DeDe. It isnt in store just yet but when it is I will be posting her with the link. There are some pretty cute elements in there. Its not easy to get Easter elements either. Hence my other LO lower down (the two I did with the girls and their bunnies) I had to take pics WITH rabbits.


Hippity Hoppity Kit by DeDe Smith
Font: Broken 15

DeDe Smith's Creative Team!

Well here is one of my announcements. I have been accepted on DeDe Smiths Creative Team! I am so excited about it. It was her first CT call and I am soooo pleased to be working with DeDe.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Inspire Me

Nearly finished all my OAKS challenges....YEA!!! This one was....who inspires you or gives you inspiration.

Credits: In Memory of Liz Kit & Paper Add On by Tara Dunstan
Simple Things Alpha by Tara Dunstan
Fonts: Bottled Fart & Boingo

All of Tara's Designs can be found in the store at

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blog Prompt from for yesterday (Tuesday)

Home Improvement Shows:
--Home What's the one thing your dream home must have? Enough room so we aren't all tripping over each other.
--Improvement What's the one thing you would change about your current home? New bed, couch? New carpet or wallpaper? Or something major like an addition? More
--Shows Do you ever watch home improvement shows? Better Homes & Gardens

Watch this space.....

I have an announcement VERY soon....well two actually ;)

Twinkle, Twinkle!

I have been wanting to do this LO for a while but wasnt to sure how to get across what I wanted to.....still lacking brain Anyway Amey has taught Katie how to "sing" Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and it is soooo cute watching them.


Template from Tara Dunstan’s Collection 10
Mango Fool Kit by Tara Dunstan
Font: BlackJack

All of Tara's designs can be found at

Go on support an Aussie!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Catching up

Im finally catching up on some photos from AGES ago. This one is actually a recent one in the scheme of things.

CREDITS: Template by Miss Tiina
RAKScraps March '07 Mega Kit
Flowers by Kim Jensen
Papers by KayKay
Font: BlackJack

Friday, March 16, 2007

Blog Prompt from for yesterday (Friday)

You have just won one million dollars!
Who do you call first? My husband (of course)
What is the first thing you buy for yourself? A house....we rent.
What is the first thing you buy for someone else? A new car
Do you give any away? Yes
If yes, to whom? Parents
Do you invest any? Yes
If so, how? In a way that would make it easy to add to and to be able to live off the returns for the rest of our lives.


This is the ABC challenge from I feel like it is missing something but just not to sure what. I did enjoy doing it though.


Sweet Mystery of Life Kit by Melanie Willmann

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Scraps Of Life Challenge for March 07

This is a LO I did today. It was part of a challenge on called "Scraps Of Life." The theme/saying was....I Knew I Was Grown Up When....... Here if my LO for it.

Credits: Spa Day Kit by Heather Heinzer
Font: Amano

Blog Prompt from for yesterday (Wednesday)

Which is worse, being sick or having sick kids/loved ones? Loved one being sick .
Which is worse, throwing up or having sick kids/loved ones throwing up upon you? Me throwing up. I cant stand throwing up!
Which is worse, being up all night because you're sick, or being up all night because someone else is sick? Both are as bad as each other. I still (more often than not) have to be on deck the next day no matter what.

Here are my lastest

Here are two of my latest LO's. I did variations of them. I think I like the first one the best though.
Template by Robin Cabana
Kit Mackenzie's Dreams by Lisa Carter
Border by Tracy Blankenship
Date Stamp by Christy Lyle
Font Georgia

Expressions of Easter Challenge
Kit Mackenzie's Dreams by Lisa Carter
Border by Tracy Blankenship
Date Stamp by Christy Lyle
Font Georgia & Evanescent

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

After the last one

After that last post......still not happy with

I have seen these around a few times and thought I would try it out.

You Are a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Traditional and conservative, most people find you comforting.
You're friendly and easy to get to know. This makes you very popular - without even trying!

Im just not sure about the "very popular" bit. Right now Im not really feeling like the most popular person out there. I feel like Im under seige to be honest. But the rest of it has me pegged :)

Kind hearted

I am up for another challenge. This one is "Blog It" from Digi Scrap Shak"

"This is a celebration of kiddos! Most of us blog about our kids and what they do that is just so darn cute!So - fire up your blog and write about what have they said to you lately that was..funny

I decided to do this challenge to add a bit about my home life so that people can get to know me a bit. So here we go.....

Amey (3.5yrs old) doesnt like people to be upset or crying. When she was really young and if I was crying she would come up and pat me on the shoulder and say "Its ok mummy." We have an 11wk old baby MacKenzie. She will cry and Amey will come up to her and rock her bassinett gently and say "sshhh its ok Kenzie dont cry." It is just a cute thing and usually settles MacKenzie down too. I always get a smile on my face to see it and hope that the sisterly love continues for many, many, many years to come!

One thing Katie does which is beautiful as well is is to hold the bottle for MacKenzie while I am feeding her. Her face is one of great concentration.

Blah for some reason all of the above is sounding pretty dry to me :( I think I might have to come back when this headache is gone.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sooo tired

I read somewhere the the sign of a lazy scrapper is a clean house. It was on someones signature. For the life of me though I cant pick who it was (please let me know if it was you.) Anyway....I would have to say that another sign is being to tired to scrap. That is where I am at the moment. I should be able to get some in in the next couple of days though. Looking forward to it. I have some really cute pics of the girls that I really want to scrap.

Monday, March 12, 2007

My first photography Challenge at DST

Here it is:


Ok I have finally done it.....well finally uploaded it :)

I really got a kick out of doing this one. I now have several names to go and do. Three in fact. Now I have to work out if I am going to do their whole names or just the first letter like I did with this one.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Photography Challenge at DST

WOW I am now hosting a Challenge. Its the photography challenge on I am really looking forward to it. I have HEAPS of ideas that I want to put out there. It will also stretch me to learn more about my camera and improve my technique etc as well.

Here is my welcome post for those that are interested.

If anyone is interested and wants to play along and you post on your blog then I would love to know. Just leave me a comment on here and I will go and check it out and leave some love for you :)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Blog Prompt from for today (Thursday)

Your cruise ship is sinking and the one and only small lifeboat only holds 5 people. This life boat will take you to a deserted island with no hope of rescue. On the cruise ship there are people of all different professions. What professions would you want in the boat with you in order of priority? If you and your spouse on in the life boat, you can only bring 3 other people. If you are single, you can bring 4.

OK well.....of course my husband is coming with me so heres the list....Im also going to rule that it was a cruise for just me and my husband and the kids were at home :)

1. Me
2. Husband
3. Comedian (as someone is going to have to see the funny side of it all)
4. Comando (someone to help with survival skills)
5. Naturopath/Herbalist ("alternative" medicine so if anyone gets sick at least they will be relatively comfortable)

I figure if there is NO hope of rescue then maybe one of us MIGHT think of a way of getting

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

All sorted!

After MANY hassles and a bit of stuffing around I have moved. A BIG thank you to Chris for her help with all of this. I would have been still stuck trying to get my head around HTML otherwise. So now that things are settled/sorted I can get on with scrapping now :) Well as long as the kids give me some time that is. I really have to get onto it though as the party it is for is Saturday!
My next project is to do an altered art letter "K" I have done a couple of other things (see the pics) and loved doing them but nothing I have kept as yet. This one is going to be for a birthday present. As have all of the previous projects. I do have a few questions to ask some friends like....when does the Mod Podge go on?! But thats minor. I still have to cut the paper out. I stuffed up the first one. Good thing I got 3 bits of paper from otherwise I would be rushing down to the local scrapping shop to get what I need. I dont go there as the service is "shocking" and they arent to nice.
A quick plug for Scrapapple....they are great. A nice little note in the parcel and some extra ribbons which I will use on the monogram. Prompt service and great communication with emails (sound like Im leaving feedback on I will be letting them know how I went :) Love good service.

Anyway here are my other altered art pieces.....

This one was my first attempt!

This one was my last (2nd) attempt.

Blog Prompt from for today (Wednesday)

Using each letter in your name as the beginning of the sentence or phrase, write sentences or phrases that describe you. For example, Bob would be
B ig as an ox,
O ld as the hills,
B itter about last 10 divorces.

Ok here goes...

Seriously needing more sleep
Has a healthy family
A good listener (although I do like to be heard too ocassionally)
Really, REALLY sleep deprived
Originally ME!
Not opposed to a glass of wine now and then

gosh to be honest I am going to have to think about this tomorrow and edit this post. I am just way to tired tonight for it all. BUT I really wanted to get this done so the time stamp was for Wednesday.

Feeling a bit better this morning so got it done :) Not as hard as I first thought it would be. Although you sorta get the feeling that Im tired ;) I just wish my newborn would sleep a bit longer at night!

Blog Prompt from for Tuesday

If you had the opportunity for a day, to have a different job (and was totally qualified, trained and capable for that one day), what job would you like to do and why?I would love to be a midwife. I would love to be able to support women.

Original post on the old site: Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Finally got my LO's done. Sooo pleased about that.

Baby Boy Boom Kit by Heather Heinzer
Fonts: Dupree


Papers and Ribbon from the Baby Boy Boom Kit by Heather Heinzer
Staples from Spa Day kit by Heather Heinzer
Font Dymo and Grumble

Templates from the “Stepping Stones Layered Templates” by Heather Heinzer
Font Georgia
Papers from Baby Boy Boom Kit by Heather Heinzer

Original post on the old site: Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Between the kids being up and DH getting home early I only got halfway through the LO. Then today I changed my mind on what I want to do with the first kit I got from Heather. So back to the drawing board tonight. *fingers crossed* NO interruptions so now watch THIS

Original post on the old site: Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Guest Creative Team Member for Heather Heinzer Designs

WOW I am so excited. Last night I got an email from Heather Heinzer to say that she was inviting me to be apart of her CT (Creative Team) for the month of March. I am really looking forward to this. Onwards and upwards.Watch this Space.....(I will post the LO that I do tonight a little later.)

Originally posted on the old site: Monday, March 05, 2007

Here is the old one for old posts.

I will be changing this over...probaly tomorrow but hopefullyl tonight.


Welcome to my brand new blog. This is where I plan to let you in a little on my life, the things that I love and all things digiscrapping.