Thursday, October 18, 2007


I have been meaning to do it for a while but I have now finally done it! For those that do read my blog you can now go and subscribe instead of coming in and checking to see if I have posted one of my few posts. I will try and be a bit more diligent in posting though.

How Has It All Been Going?

Well the decluttering hasnt been to bad. I got rid of three big boxes last week which I was really pleased about. I put one in the house so that I could fill it as I went. Instead of just leaving the things in a pile and putting them somewhere to go into the box.....eventually. I refused to look in it so I didnt get things out. Although I had to make sure a couple of times that the girls didnt "add" anything in there as well. Like Katies "Pukky Dog" now THAT would have been a disaster for sure.

There's a bit going on but its all a bit of a mess in my head so I will have to come back and write. One good thing though is that Amey has her operation (no I havent mentioned it before I dont think) next Monday. I am hopeing that this will be the last set of grommits in for a while. It really is sad to see her struggle to hear and her speech being an issue. Although I have been proactive in getting it all fixed up. I SO dont want her to go through what I went through as a kid at school. Gee that is only a year and a bit away for her.

I will come back and write a bit more about my last week or so.