Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A bit dusty!!!

Oh dear I didnt realise how neglected I had left this blog! I am so sorry. Things have been pretty busy around here that is for sure. July is a pretty emotional month and then it seems to flow through to August. Then here it ends up being the silly season really early!

I have actually been holding off posting lately just in case family came by here. BUT now I can share my news......we are having another baby! Yes thats right #5 is on the way. This one is 18wks today and things are going really well. I have been pretty sick with morning sickness but I am hoping that after this head cold I am suffering from that I will regain some sense of normality! We are going to find out the sex this time as well but the scan yesterday was just way to unclear for much so its another 4 or so weeks before we find out.

Other than that our oldest Amey is in 4yr old Kinder this year and she is growing up so much. I am hoping that a lot of our problems are behind us with her health. She seems to be hearing heaps better and her speech and behaviour have improved.

Katie is 2 and pretty good really with the "terrible twos." I am comparing that to Amey who was not hearing well at that stage and tantrums all the time. She is such a clown and a joy to have around.....when shes not fighting shes even better.

MacKenzie is such a cutie. She tries and keeps up with the other two but of course cant. Although she wont be that far off it. She is walking everywhere if not running and you really have to keep an eye on her. When she is told to come back she gives the cheekiest grin and runs the opposite direction. Other than that all is well.

Scrapping I have started the ADSR with Kellie this week. We had our first challenge and I finished it tonight. You can check out our blog here. Im really looking forward to it and hoping that it will bring some of that long lost mojo back. I really feel I need a bit of a boost there and something 'new.' What that is.....I have no idea!!!

I have also lost a few CT's with some retiring or retiring their CT's for re-assessment. So now I only have Tara Dunstan, CLD and Rachel Martin left. I was thinking of picking up another one but really I am happy with what I have at the moment. Although if any of the designers that fell by the wayside were to ask me to come back I would more than likely not :)