Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Declutter My Life....ok well my house.

I think thats a big enough deal in its own. There was a thread on PBP about not having a tidy house. I sooooo feel that way right now. AND I know that I should do something about it. Especially when DH makes comments about things regularly.

My excuse (I have decided thats really what it is) is that I get sick of the house being mess up by the kids not long afterwards. BUT I have realised that 1 yes it is an excuse but 2 that the less clutter there is the easier the kids mess will be to clean up :) Have I really been that brain dead for this long?! Ok dont answer that.

THEN there was also a post on DST about decluttering. WHICH I think is my problem and something that I need to work on. So thats what I am going to do. I made a trip to www.flylady.com and refreshed myself on some things about clutter and I am ready....well sorta. If you want to check out a declutter "How To" then check it out here.

So I have the following rooms to declutter......

Amey & Kenzies Room
Katies Room
Master Bedroom
Dining Room
Living Room

I have broken up the last three even though they are really the same room. BUT I think I would just look at it and go NO WAY if I put them all together. Also no the toilet doesnt have heaps of things in it just a few TT things need to go away for a couple of months anyway.

So today I reform!

Monday, September 3, 2007

And the 3rd Bliggity Blogger in the list

Is.....Sharon (ksharonk)!

I wrote about her blog before as she was part of Jodie's list of blogs that inspired her. Ok so I am running out of time at the moment as I have 3 sick kids BUT they are all asleep and so I have to get a few things done so the house looks a bit cleaner....ROFLMAO....right so that should read...sit down have dinner put my feet up and watch "City Homicide" and then "ER"

So a short list for Sharons and I will come back later to extend the description OR you can be left wondering and go and check them out for yourself....Here they are

Antique Mommy

Sprague Lab

Digital Scrapbooking Info


{ me } I DO have to say something about this one. This post has a picture of a family of 5. Not only is the photography fantastic but I love how she has placed the members of the family with blue eyes on one side and the rest have dark eyes and are on the right. What a wonderful photo!


And one more that she sneeked in at the bottom Creashens

OK Im off to have my hopefully peaceful night of TV. NO DH and only one child in the lounge room with me. Not bad...1 outa 3!

Some More Bloggity Blog Players

OK we have some more players in the game.

Jodie (jodie) on her blog listed these blogs......

Lanne's blog - There is some pretty good photography on here and at the moment some cool birthday ideas that could easily be adapted for girls as well.

Musings Of A Scrappin' mom - This lady has seven kids and homeschools them. There has got to be some inspiration there! And it is well written.

Sharons blog Artistic Musings - Ah well what can I say! She is a designer has my name or really I have hers and her gallery is FANTASTIC! There is usually a freebie on there as well. But then shes the next person that played the game so there is a list of her fav blogs on there as well.

Fresh and Vintage - You HAVE to check this one out if you love and appreciate designs. This one is probably more for sewers but wow! There is some really nice stuff on here for sure.

Shabby Miss Jenn - You have to know who this is right?? Well for those that done and love shabby designs for digi LO's this is one for you. She is right up there with Shabby Princess AND Jodie is on her CT. Lucky duck!!!

Anna's blog { just me thinking } - Jodie says it best "the queen of white space" She really has a great gallery to look at. Go and check this one out for some inspiration.

Peta's blog Crazy Little Me - Another PBP designer who has great designs and a bubbly personality which really comes through on her blog.

Oh and btw Jodie has a great blog as well and shows off what can be done with SMJ's designs too. She ALSO has a great sense of white space!