Friday, June 29, 2007

Not YET!

I didnt get the Christina Renee gig for July. BUT they are doing spots for Aug & Sept. So who knows I might still get a guest gig yet. There really is so much talent out there that I am far from suprised but as they say "ya gotta be in it to win it" right! Im still short for a Guest spot for July though.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Its about time right!

Yep its about time I posted! I have been pretty busy and getting my mojo back which has been nice. My mum is down for a couple of weeks so weekends have been pretty full which is great! The girls are loving having her around for a while. Amey actually went into meetings with her and has had a blast the last couple of days. She sooooo did NOT want to come home. If she didnt have kinder tomorrow I was more than happy for her to stay with mum for another night.

BUT I think mum needs a bit of a break from her as well as she has all three of them on Saturday. We have a family wedding to go to so it was great that mum was here to babysit otherwise one of us wasnt going. Its just way to expensive to have a babysitter for so long. The wedding starts at 3pmish but it takes us an hour to get there at least and the reception doesnt start till about 6pm a few hours there and the drive home you get the idea.

So anyway I have been doing a bit of scrapping lately and really enjoying it. Here are a few that I have done lately......

Credits here

Credits here

This LO was done for a try out for a guest position for Christina Renee's CT. She has her grand opening on the 9th of July and needed some more CT memebers to help do LO's. Everyone who applied was asked to do a LO with every item of a kit she had in her store. I thought what the heck they can only say no right! Anyway they are making a decision today CST So I will probably be in bed and wont know till tomorrow morning if I got in or not. As its nearly 11pm here. All I can say is I should be so lucky!

Credits here

This one is one of my cousin and my youngest DD. They are just the best photos of them together. I didnt have the camera at the time so they are a bit grainy as it was set to my settings not auto. BUT I just love them!!!

Credits here

Thats enough from me for now. I should try and get another LO out tonight or maybe just keep on refreshing the Christina Renee Its actually a funny read when you get to the end of it. No one has really posted since they said the decision will be today. Everyone's probably still in bed ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Check it out.

Just saw this on another blog from the DST Blog Train. Gotta read it its worth it!

Oh NO! Mojo and other things!

Well it is another sad day. In the last couple of weeks a few more designers have retired! I cant believe it! One is Laura Corzine. I was a guest on her CT of May. She is finishing up VERY soon. I think this week actually. Next is Lena Bradenburg! I was meant to be her guest starting this week. She has had to retire for health reasons as well. You can read about it here: You can also check out her store here at ACOT. EVERYTHING is $1 and she also has a freebie on there as well as a parting gift.

WOW what is happening!?!?!! It is so sad to see this happening to people who really love their designing so much. I can TOTALLY understand though why these wonderful designers have had to finish up though.

On a positive note! MY MOJO IS BACK!!!! YEA!!!!! I had just lost it there for a few weeks after doing that album. I suppose my inspiration had gone there for a while. I have to catch up on a few CT requirements as I haven't been able to keep up to the standard I would like. I think working with Dale Ann's templates has helped too. They really are so easy to work with and I think it has helped to get me back into the swing of things.

On the home front......the girls are still in the same room and still not getting to sleep at a decent time. On a positive note they aren't getting up till about 8am. That might seem late to some but thinking about what time I get to bed (12:30-1am) its not that great but better than 5:45am! Mum is here this weekend so we are going to Ikea to organize some more storage to get them in different rooms. I at least know that Amey does want to sleep and be in bed she is just distracted by Katie (*ggrrr*)
We are also looking at getting a new lounge (from DH's work...barely used) and getting rid of the other one so that might allow for some more storage in the lounge room as well. Also one of my BIL's is moving out this week so that will get rid of a whole heap of things from our garage that we have been meaning to give to charity. Its time for a spring clean...well winter clean.

I'm still not getting much more sleep but my body seems to have coped with it so far a bit better than I thought I should be. I also said to DH today that I need a weekend to myself so I can do some thing that I want/need to do. I suggested he go to his parents place with the girls but his not to keen on that she its me to go away. I'm not keen on that as I want to have computer access. He says I don't need to.....Hmmmm.....will have to think how to get all for of them out now!!! Although a spa retreat doesn't sound to bad I would rather do that with him iykwim.

Ok enough from me for tonight. I have our Kinder committee meeting tonight so I had better get ready for it. I was going to be ready by now but my BIL was around and my SIL is due in less than an hour now and the place is a mess. I just hope she doesn't feel she has to do anything....although the dishes would be!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A bit of sewing

I had an idea today to make some little travel pillows for the girls for our trip. So off I went to "Spotlight" (big sewing shop) and went for a bit of a shop around. I couldnt get the right size pillow to cover so I had to stuff some pillows instead. I found some facewashers and thought I would just put a back on them. It took me ages to get through the checkouts as usual! I found a bit of fabric that I thought would make a great quilt or playmat for a baby girl. As it was only $1 (although I got charged $2 :( ...) I decided it was worth the wait. I think I was there for about 15mins which is almost a record for

Anyway we got out alive and in once piece (I only had Katie with me *phew*) I waited till DH went to work and got started on them. I used a terry nappy for the back of them (we only use those nappies for spews and that sort of thing) sewed them together and stuffed them with a pillow I brought (which you make a cover for) and cut open for the insides. And that was about it! I added a little bit for terry to Amey's as she has what she calls "nammy's" as her security blanket. She love it!

I didnt really want to have two Dora's the same but didnt have to much choice and Katie is going through a "MINE!" stage so I thought I would let sleeping dogs lie on this one.

So here is what I did:


I'm away from Friday to Monday this week. I'm off to my Grandmothers 80th birthday! Should be a great time to see family that we haven't seen in nearly 2yrs. Some of them haven't even seen Katie let alone MacKenzie. Anyway I will be computer less and even worse internetless. NNNOOOO!!!!!

You will see me back though as long as the withdrawal symptoms aren't to bad ;)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Day In The Life Of Me!

I thought I would try a bit of a different take on my blog for a while. I have been doing LO's but a bit brain fried after my 27 4x6" stint. I did two LO's last night but I still have to upload all my LO's into DST.
Then I will have to have a HUGE slog at putting them all on here. I also still have to work on a system of storing them with credits. Not sure how to go about that yet. Anyone got any ideas? I would appreciate them.

I also have one of my announcements confirmed! Tara is pg!!! She is going to have bubs #3! It is sooooo exciting BUT the bad news attached with that is that she will be finishing up designing. So if you are one for a bargin then here it is! Tara is having 60% off ALL her desgins at RUN and get them. The sale finishes on the 9th of June AEST and then you wont be able to buy her designs anymore. NNNOOO!!!!! I just hope she keep on dabbling in it and posts freebies. I just LOVE her designs. You can check out some of her designs that I used by going down to catergories and clicking on Tara Dunstans CT.

OK so "A Day In The Life Of Me!" My days start off pretty slowly...sometimes. I will go with yesterday. MacKenzie was up at 8am (late for her its usually 8am.) Thats for her bottle. Amey then gets up either a bit before that or a bit after and goes to the toilet. Then MacKenzie has stopped going back to bed after her feed for very long so about 1hr (max) after that one of us is up.

Then starts the rest of the breakie runs. Amey and Katie have Weet-bix and sultanas with milk. Although Katie still likes her bottle. I think thats because MacKenzie has one and no other reason. Amey like to watch ABC Kids for a bit then either DH or I get up depending on who got the "sleep in."

The morning is filled with playing and spending time with daddy. Lunch and then DH is off to work after that. I then get on the computer and do a few things while Katie and hopefully (but never likely) Amey goes down to sleep. I then have to feed Kenzie again in there and she has playtime as well. Then its time to get ready for bed. So dinner is on and things get started with bath and bed.

The fun begins after dinner....NOT!!! The two older girls are now in the same room so they play instead of sleep and its starting to drive me crazy! Last night they were still up after 9pm and NOT sleeping. I ended up putting Amey to bed in my bed so she would at least get some sleep. I cant believe she just keep on going and going.
Then it was "me" time. SCRAPPING!!! I just love that time of the day! DH wasnt home till nearly midnight so it does make for a pretty long day.

Of course washing happens although not always put away. Errands run. Kinder attended. I would have to say though that my most relaxing time of the day is between 10pm and midnight when its just me....well 3 (usually) sleeping children!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Its been a while!

Yep way to long. We have had sickness after sickness hit our household and I seem to have gotten it all as well. First I got the flu about 4wks ago and was getting over that. Went to a party and a lot of people got gastro. All 5 of us managed to get it although MacKenzie got it the longest which was a bit worrying. Then we had a week of all being OK and then Katie got sick. Amey and then I got it AGAIN! Thank goodness Amey didnt get it for to long and was able to go to Kinder. That would have been the last straw for both of us I think.

THEN last weekend we decided to move the girls into the same room again. Not sure if that was a good thing or not. They still arent getting to sleep quickly but at least its getting a little earlier each night. Last night they were both so tired that they went to sleep pretty early. I was happy about that. Also happy that its lasted a week. Last time (this is the third attempt) they were BOTH up till 11pm or later. It really was stressful.

I have several announcements coming up in the next week to do with my scrapping. I am on Chris Turnbull's CT!!! She is a wonderful lady and has fantastic designs. You really should go and check them out at PBP She is also have a CT call NOW!!! You can go and check it out here.
It closes on the 8th of June (AEST) so you better be quick. Dont forget to allow for timezones!

Another one I can announce is a Guest CT spot with Lena Brandenburg!!! I cant wait!! I applied for her CT and she was flooded. I was on the shortlist (which wasnt that and so got a guest position which I am more than happy with :) I start that in about 2wks.

I have a couple of other good news laced with sad news. No everything is ok here no deaths (thank goodness) but I just cant announce it just yet.