Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Day In The Life Of Me!

I thought I would try a bit of a different take on my blog for a while. I have been doing LO's but a bit brain fried after my 27 4x6" stint. I did two LO's last night but I still have to upload all my LO's into DST.
Then I will have to have a HUGE slog at putting them all on here. I also still have to work on a system of storing them with credits. Not sure how to go about that yet. Anyone got any ideas? I would appreciate them.

I also have one of my announcements confirmed! Tara is pg!!! She is going to have bubs #3! It is sooooo exciting BUT the bad news attached with that is that she will be finishing up designing. So if you are one for a bargin then here it is! Tara is having 60% off ALL her desgins at www.designsindigital.com RUN and get them. The sale finishes on the 9th of June AEST and then you wont be able to buy her designs anymore. NNNOOO!!!!! I just hope she keep on dabbling in it and posts freebies. I just LOVE her designs. You can check out some of her designs that I used by going down to catergories and clicking on Tara Dunstans CT.

OK so "A Day In The Life Of Me!" My days start off pretty slowly...sometimes. I will go with yesterday. MacKenzie was up at 8am (late for her its usually 8am.) Thats for her bottle. Amey then gets up either a bit before that or a bit after and goes to the toilet. Then MacKenzie has stopped going back to bed after her feed for very long so about 1hr (max) after that one of us is up.

Then starts the rest of the breakie runs. Amey and Katie have Weet-bix and sultanas with milk. Although Katie still likes her bottle. I think thats because MacKenzie has one and no other reason. Amey like to watch ABC Kids for a bit then either DH or I get up depending on who got the "sleep in."

The morning is filled with playing and spending time with daddy. Lunch and then DH is off to work after that. I then get on the computer and do a few things while Katie and hopefully (but never likely) Amey goes down to sleep. I then have to feed Kenzie again in there and she has playtime as well. Then its time to get ready for bed. So dinner is on and things get started with bath and bed.

The fun begins after dinner....NOT!!! The two older girls are now in the same room so they play instead of sleep and its starting to drive me crazy! Last night they were still up after 9pm and NOT sleeping. I ended up putting Amey to bed in my bed so she would at least get some sleep. I cant believe she just keep on going and going.
Then it was "me" time. SCRAPPING!!! I just love that time of the day! DH wasnt home till nearly midnight so it does make for a pretty long day.

Of course washing happens although not always put away. Errands run. Kinder attended. I would have to say though that my most relaxing time of the day is between 10pm and midnight when its just me....well 3 (usually) sleeping children!


Kristen (Quirky) said...

Girl you sound busy!!!! I can feel ya!!! Ohhh...to store credits with my layouts...I make a layer for text put the credits in there then just make the layer invisible...but save it with it and it is there if you need to see it :)

Sharon said...

Thanks heaps for the tip Kristen. I had thought of that at one point. Must have been while I was half asleep one night.....lol. You just confirmed it and now I just have to go through 130+ LO's :o

Sharyn said...

Oh thats such a great tip! I have over 700 layouts and wish I had done that. Mine are in notebook or they were in notepad but that is much better!! Thanks for sharing!

Great blog..the girls will get used to it..lol..just takes some time and tiredness.

I have it the other way around now. The younger one wont go to sleep till the older one is in bed!! She is learning though. :)