Friday, June 5, 2009

Vote for Amy Stoffel NOW!

You can vote now here:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Its Up To The Public Vote!

So I have finally gotten onto a CT (going into the second month now) which I am LOVING!!!! I really missed not being on one.

Anyway Amy is in the "So You Think You Can Design" competition over at DSA. It has been lots of fun to watch the kits that have been coming in. I have picked up a few that I have really liked.

So this week is the last week and after 5 weeks Amy is still in the competition which is FANTASTIC! But really none of us on her CT have doubted that she could do it. And this week is up to the public vote. So get over there and have a look (when I posted this there were only three entries up) and download and leave some love in support.

Well I have NO idea what is happening with this post?! I just had a picture and it was clickable etc and now its not there and I cant add a photo. So until I get it back up again here is the link:


This is why I havent been posting much....NOTHING is working right with photos!!!! If anyone has ANY ideas on why the photos suddenly started to go all funny size wise etc I would love to know! Also why icons just plan dont work in the editor.