Tuesday, March 10, 2009

After school activities

I have just finished reading "Planning With Kids" and her post "10 Tips For Managing After School Activities" She is a mum of 5 and has fantastic ideas and I can use whatever I can get right now.
So I commented on another post where she mentioned after school activities asking her about what she does after school for her Prepie (first year at school here in Victroia.)

Weither the above post was inspired from that comment or not (she has been scheduling her posts since the new baby arrived in Jan) Im just glad she has put it up.
She has quoted Kathy Walker whose work I love and I have read her book "Whats the Hurry" but I always like to hear how someon is going with it in everyday life. And I know Nicole uses what Kathy says a fair bit.

So a big thank you to Nicole for writing that piece.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some new things

I have just read a post over at Picklebums called "Spend or Save" that could have been written by me. Although she writes HEAPS better than me. So instead of writting a huge comment over there I thought I would actually blog. Yep I know a shock.....AND someone might actually read this. I have lost all following by now but you reap what you sew.

I have secretly (not such a secret now) been wanting to get a few new bath mats and a few new towels for me and DH. Now the dilema is that my towels arent that old. Certainly NOT old enough to just discard but they were given to us and not really my choice of colour. So I have really been wanting to get something that is "me/us." I do need some bath mats though. The ones I have are fraying and I actually have no idea where a couple of them have come from.

Remembering that we dont REALLY need new towels. I have been thinking that maybe I could layby them and that way Im not spending ALL that amount of money at the same time. So I therefore feel better about it. Im not big on spending but I am big on recycling as much as possible and op shopping too. But sometimes I just like to get something new!

Maybe I can go and get those bath mats and what I can salvage of the old ones turn into face washers (I need more now DD#4 is eating solids) and then dream about the towels for another time. Although it wouldnt hurt to make some of the REALLY old towels into face washers as well. Thanks for the tip Kate!

UPDATE: I have also been looking to find the "curtains" I posted about and I am still to find them. I have had a look on the website but they dont seem to be there.
I still dont have the photos of the possum off the camera yet either.