Thursday, June 28, 2007

Its about time right!

Yep its about time I posted! I have been pretty busy and getting my mojo back which has been nice. My mum is down for a couple of weeks so weekends have been pretty full which is great! The girls are loving having her around for a while. Amey actually went into meetings with her and has had a blast the last couple of days. She sooooo did NOT want to come home. If she didnt have kinder tomorrow I was more than happy for her to stay with mum for another night.

BUT I think mum needs a bit of a break from her as well as she has all three of them on Saturday. We have a family wedding to go to so it was great that mum was here to babysit otherwise one of us wasnt going. Its just way to expensive to have a babysitter for so long. The wedding starts at 3pmish but it takes us an hour to get there at least and the reception doesnt start till about 6pm a few hours there and the drive home you get the idea.

So anyway I have been doing a bit of scrapping lately and really enjoying it. Here are a few that I have done lately......

Credits here

Credits here

This LO was done for a try out for a guest position for Christina Renee's CT. She has her grand opening on the 9th of July and needed some more CT memebers to help do LO's. Everyone who applied was asked to do a LO with every item of a kit she had in her store. I thought what the heck they can only say no right! Anyway they are making a decision today CST So I will probably be in bed and wont know till tomorrow morning if I got in or not. As its nearly 11pm here. All I can say is I should be so lucky!

Credits here

This one is one of my cousin and my youngest DD. They are just the best photos of them together. I didnt have the camera at the time so they are a bit grainy as it was set to my settings not auto. BUT I just love them!!!

Credits here

Thats enough from me for now. I should try and get another LO out tonight or maybe just keep on refreshing the Christina Renee Its actually a funny read when you get to the end of it. No one has really posted since they said the decision will be today. Everyone's probably still in bed ;)


Maggie said...

It's so hard when mojo takes a vacation, glad it's back.

Chelle Belle Designs said...

Your layouts are beautiful!!! Good luck on the CRD CT call, your layout is gorgeous!

cindy_i_ said...

Good luck in the ct call - your layouts are FABULOUS!