Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh NO! Mojo and other things!

Well it is another sad day. In the last couple of weeks a few more designers have retired! I cant believe it! One is Laura Corzine. I was a guest on her CT of May. She is finishing up VERY soon. I think this week actually. Next is Lena Bradenburg! I was meant to be her guest starting this week. She has had to retire for health reasons as well. You can read about it here: http://www.digishoptalk.com/boards/showthread.php?t=59909 You can also check out her store here at ACOT. EVERYTHING is $1 and she also has a freebie on there as well as a parting gift.

WOW what is happening!?!?!! It is so sad to see this happening to people who really love their designing so much. I can TOTALLY understand though why these wonderful designers have had to finish up though.

On a positive note! MY MOJO IS BACK!!!! YEA!!!!! I had just lost it there for a few weeks after doing that album. I suppose my inspiration had gone there for a while. I have to catch up on a few CT requirements as I haven't been able to keep up to the standard I would like. I think working with Dale Ann's templates has helped too. They really are so easy to work with and I think it has helped to get me back into the swing of things.

On the home front......the girls are still in the same room and still not getting to sleep at a decent time. On a positive note they aren't getting up till about 8am. That might seem late to some but thinking about what time I get to bed (12:30-1am) its not that great but better than 5:45am! Mum is here this weekend so we are going to Ikea to organize some more storage to get them in different rooms. I at least know that Amey does want to sleep and be in bed she is just distracted by Katie (*ggrrr*)
We are also looking at getting a new lounge (from DH's work...barely used) and getting rid of the other one so that might allow for some more storage in the lounge room as well. Also one of my BIL's is moving out this week so that will get rid of a whole heap of things from our garage that we have been meaning to give to charity. Its time for a spring clean...well winter clean.

I'm still not getting much more sleep but my body seems to have coped with it so far a bit better than I thought I should be. I also said to DH today that I need a weekend to myself so I can do some thing that I want/need to do. I suggested he go to his parents place with the girls but his not to keen on that she its me to go away. I'm not keen on that as I want to have computer access. He says I don't need to.....Hmmmm.....will have to think how to get all for of them out now!!! Although a spa retreat doesn't sound to bad I would rather do that with him iykwim.

Ok enough from me for tonight. I have our Kinder committee meeting tonight so I had better get ready for it. I was going to be ready by now but my BIL was around and my SIL is due in less than an hour now and the place is a mess. I just hope she doesn't feel she has to do anything....although the dishes would be bad....lol!

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Heidi@DigitalCandy said...

p.s. laura did not retire after all - you can find her at digitalcandy.ca - she's been reincarnated as a candy girl! :)