Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Declutter My Life....ok well my house.

I think thats a big enough deal in its own. There was a thread on PBP about not having a tidy house. I sooooo feel that way right now. AND I know that I should do something about it. Especially when DH makes comments about things regularly.

My excuse (I have decided thats really what it is) is that I get sick of the house being mess up by the kids not long afterwards. BUT I have realised that 1 yes it is an excuse but 2 that the less clutter there is the easier the kids mess will be to clean up :) Have I really been that brain dead for this long?! Ok dont answer that.

THEN there was also a post on DST about decluttering. WHICH I think is my problem and something that I need to work on. So thats what I am going to do. I made a trip to www.flylady.com and refreshed myself on some things about clutter and I am ready....well sorta. If you want to check out a declutter "How To" then check it out here.

So I have the following rooms to declutter......

Amey & Kenzies Room
Katies Room
Master Bedroom
Dining Room
Living Room

I have broken up the last three even though they are really the same room. BUT I think I would just look at it and go NO WAY if I put them all together. Also no the toilet doesnt have heaps of things in it just a few TT things need to go away for a couple of months anyway.

So today I reform!

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Smanda said...

good luck declutting!! you ca do it!!