Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kind hearted

I am up for another challenge. This one is "Blog It" from Digi Scrap Shak"

"This is a celebration of kiddos! Most of us blog about our kids and what they do that is just so darn cute!So - fire up your blog and write about what have they said to you lately that was..funny

I decided to do this challenge to add a bit about my home life so that people can get to know me a bit. So here we go.....

Amey (3.5yrs old) doesnt like people to be upset or crying. When she was really young and if I was crying she would come up and pat me on the shoulder and say "Its ok mummy." We have an 11wk old baby MacKenzie. She will cry and Amey will come up to her and rock her bassinett gently and say "sshhh its ok Kenzie dont cry." It is just a cute thing and usually settles MacKenzie down too. I always get a smile on my face to see it and hope that the sisterly love continues for many, many, many years to come!

One thing Katie does which is beautiful as well is is to hold the bottle for MacKenzie while I am feeding her. Her face is one of great concentration.

Blah for some reason all of the above is sounding pretty dry to me :( I think I might have to come back when this headache is gone.

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