Thursday, March 8, 2007

Blog Prompt from for today (Thursday)

Your cruise ship is sinking and the one and only small lifeboat only holds 5 people. This life boat will take you to a deserted island with no hope of rescue. On the cruise ship there are people of all different professions. What professions would you want in the boat with you in order of priority? If you and your spouse on in the life boat, you can only bring 3 other people. If you are single, you can bring 4.

OK well.....of course my husband is coming with me so heres the list....Im also going to rule that it was a cruise for just me and my husband and the kids were at home :)

1. Me
2. Husband
3. Comedian (as someone is going to have to see the funny side of it all)
4. Comando (someone to help with survival skills)
5. Naturopath/Herbalist ("alternative" medicine so if anyone gets sick at least they will be relatively comfortable)

I figure if there is NO hope of rescue then maybe one of us MIGHT think of a way of getting


loonyhiker said...

As long as there is a woman around, there is always hope! lol

Michelle said...

love the comedian idea! you would definitely need someone to keep the laughs coming!