Thursday, May 10, 2007

More LO's

I have done more LO's but I have to go and change how I upload. I have NO idea what I was thinking when I named half them. I am going to have to go through and change the way that I store them all. Anway at the moment I am just going to link to my DST gallery. I should at the latest get things organised by the end of next week.

Sunny Personality
A Mothers Heart
Grandma's Chocolate Cake
Family Legacy
Helping Mummy
Nan and Pa
Brag Book Title Page

The last couple of days Amey has been bugging me to look at photos of Nan and Pa. Sooo I have decided to make her a brag book. So now she is going to have a book that she can take with her when she is staying over at her grandparents and when she goes to bed. She loved having it tonight so its obviously a winner.

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Karen said...

Great layouts Sharon. I particularly admire how you got 5 photos and a journalling block onto Grandma's Chocolate Cake without making it look cluttered.