Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Heat wave!

Things that happened today.....

The impending dread feeling that I had most of yesterday was still here.....adding to that I have been in a foul mood.

We are in a heat wave. The weather today hit over the expected 41oC to 43oC! Its not looking to good for school next week either. Amey's first day is going to be in the mid to high 30's.

The air conditioner has had a visit from our local possum population who decided in their wisdom to chew through the pipe that supplies the water to the unit. NOT HAPPY!
The repairmen arrived and patched it up but then said the manufactuerer WHO no doubt I wont be able to get out here soon enough has to fix it *gggrrr*.

The net has been down most of the day and I have only been able to get on for more than 5mins at a time until the last hour. At least the urgent things for today are all done *phew*

There was a "news break" on TV a few minutes ago saying electricity companies wont be able to gaurantee supplies. This is one of my worst nightmares with four little kids in the house and one of them being only 6 months old. We have already had one black out tonight. I am just glad I am using the laptop otherwise I would have lost all my work. Only problem is though if the power goes out I have NO idea where I would go. It is not like I know of people who live in different grids to me. I suppose if all else fails I will pack up the car and go and visit DH at his work. Saying that another "all else fails" is to go for a LONG drive. I think I will go out in the morning to get some petrol in the car.

On a positve note........Grandma is hopefully coming down to stay for a few days and see Amey for her first day at school. I just hope that the air con and power all stay on otherwise I have another problem there.

OK I have that all off my chest now and I can hopefully relax for the rest of the night. Poor Kaela has been so upset and unhappy today. She has had HEAPS to drink so that is a good thing. I just dont think she likes the weather.

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