Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heat wave modifications

I have just put up some temporary curtains! We have been asking the landlord for a few years now for them but we both never seem to get it all co-ordinated.
So today I have put up a sheet and a bed liner on the girls bedroom windows. I just hope that it actually keeps a little bit of the heat out. It is already 35oC and its 5 to 9am. At 7am this morning it was 30oC with the forecast for today being 43oC. We will definatley hit that one and probably more I am thinking. After this post I will be ringing the real estate agent.

I have also been trying to find an alternative to putting up something that we will have to repair any holes or paintwork. While at the hair dressers on Tuesday (and the kids were playing happily) I was reading a home magazine and found the perfect thing. After a bit of a chat with my dad (who left yesterday) I think it can be done. I will see if I can find a article of it on the magazines website later.

Another thing for those who have kids starting school this year (Monday for us.....heat permitting) here are a couple of great blogs that will help with the transition.

Planning With Kids and Stuff With Thing

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