Monday, June 2, 2008

A few more blogs and a recipe

I have been reading a couple of parenting blogs lately that have been FANTASTIC. The one that I go to regulary and always get something out of is "Parenting With Kids". She also does a fantastic menu plan each week usually with a recipe attached AND the shopping list attached as well. Check out this one for the Mexibake DH offered to cook last night and so I told him I wanted to try this one out. He got nearly a 1kg of mince so it went a really long way with the girls eating the part that didnt go into the oven. AND they ALL ate it!!!! Can you tell we have been having issues with them eating?! I also gave them some plain corn chips to eat it with so that was a great novelty for them as well.
Also check out the e-book that is on there. The tips are just great!

Another blog that I read is the "Family Value" one. It also has a forum attached to it that is great! Although I have been slack and havent been on for ages. Although it has a lot to do with being sick (all of us) and not being able to be on here to long. But there are some great resources and competitions etc. They are also setting up a "Family Value Family Card" that is free to sign up for a short time. Oh and that is for the Aussies that read my blog.


Rose said...

That recipe looks great. can't wait to try it. You've been tagged!!! Please visit my blog for more instructions.

PlanningQueen said...

Thanks so much for the kind wordsa and the link to my blog. We had Mexibke past week and it was a favourite of all too. This time we actually used some tortilla wraps as well and wrapped some of the meal in them which was tasty. We will have to try the corn chips next time, thanks for the tip!