Thursday, April 17, 2008

Its Just Hit Me!

You would have thought that it would have caught up to me before now but no. I finally feel REALLY, REALLY tired! The funny thing is that its NOT pg related but the fact that DH has changed his shift and getting home even later (if thats even possible.) My sleep has been pretty broken with 4hrs at a time. I am still on his old shift times and up late when I should be sleeping. I really have to force myself to get more sleep.
I am also the only one getting up early to the girls the majority of the mornings. But it is all working out pretty well and things seem to be working for us with the new hours. Funny thing is that tonight I really want to go to bed but I feel like it would be a waste of time not "doing" something. I have this thing when Im pg that I have to be "doing" something while watching TV. I will have to get a couple of scarves going for the girls for winter so at least my hands are doing something but I can sit up in bed and do it.

Yep still trying to convince DH to get me a laptop so I can scrap in bed.....oh what bliss!

1 comment:

familyvalue said...

Oh yes! I am wanting to get wireless broadband so I can do my computer stuff in bed too!

Maybe not so romantic but at least we're together!

And yes. You really must get more rest!