Thursday, April 24, 2008

If you havent already!

You just have to check this blog out: This is one very talented lady and writter! I would love to get my hands on her book.

Ok and as I am writting this I think I may have already posted this site before but then my memory is shot!

Also on the home is toilet training (TT) season! Yep Katie is getting the jist of it all. So far it has been two weeks and only 3 accidents! I am VERY impressed. She has had a couple of near misses with #2's but then that is one of the last things they are meant to be able to get. So now we have one and a half in nappies. This is going to be the longest period of time that we will have had relatively nappiless since having kids. That of course is until the baby comes so that will make it about 3 months!!! Now if I can get myself into using cloth more often again the budget will be heaps better off!!!

Other things happening (and doing my head in) is finding a school for Amey! OMG!!! This is one of the hardest things I have had to decide on yet. Yep and its me doing most of the deciding....well in a way. DH looks at the info and says "that looks good" and that is after I have narrowed it down. I will try and get him to a couple of the tours but the hours are just not practical right now.
Within about an 8km radius there are over 10 schools that are public! I have narrowed it down to 3 at the moment. I have an appointment for a tour at one (the closest) and there is a fair at another one next weekend. AND the other one has an open day (well really night) mid next month as well.
So its all happening. Now I just need to get a babysitter so I can actually get to all of these things. I can see myself relying on one a lot this year. I have over half a dozen things to go to at night in the next month and a half that I just dont know how I am going to get to.

What else.....oh its our wedding anniversary this weekend! Yep NO kids for 24hrs!!! AND a bonus being that the older two get to go to the footy on Saturday and I think another sleep over! Im still back on the no kids for 24hrs.......not sure the last time that happened.....*thinking*......ok I know it has happened and it was before our last anniversary but I just cant remember when.
So this is much deserved I think!
I just cant wait to sleep in! MacKenzie has been driving us up the wall. She has been getting up at 2am and staying up till about 5am....on weekends. I dont think she likes DH putting her to bed as she has slept through the last couple of nights. Then of a morning she has been screaming her head off to get up. She will literally go for HOURS if you let her. I have tried resettling and putting her back down and its just not working. I have NO idea what is wrong but I so need more sleep.
Having said that I really should be sleeping now. I only have Katie up. Kenzie fell asleep at the highchair so went down well. And Amey is at Kinder. DH went to play with her and is bringing her back......thank goodness. Otherwise I would have had to gone and picked her up with the other two. That is all happening because he was meant to take her to Mini Golf yesterday but we both forgot he had a meeting at work. So he was up to late. He will of course be held to the Mini Golf as she will NOT forget!!!
Ok see Im rambling.......enough from me for now :)


Barb said...

good luck with the training! THat's so not fun.

Anonymous said...

I definitely know how coveted 'no kid' time can be. i await those times not so patiently lol.

Good luck choosing a school! Hard decisions!