Thursday, April 19, 2007

This is our new "phase" in life!

I have decided to ditch as many chemicals in our household as possible. Thats EVERYTHING in regards to the laundry and bathroom. I am pretty much fine in all the other areas of the house already. Nothing to dramatic except for DH relies on the WAY to much to clean the bathroom. I have been reading more and more about things in cosmetics and that sort of thing. I WANT OUT!!! I was reading this website EWG and I think it is time to stop so this is what I did....

CREDITS: Sketch by Natalie Bird
Book by Kellie Puddy
Pen by Betty Jo Martin
Lime Tea Papers by Nancie Rowe
Floral Swirl by Jen Beschinski
Curled Edges Frame by Katie Pertiet
Font: Times Roman

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Laura said...

Sharon glad to hear you are get rid of the all toxic stuff, doesnt it feel good?! I did the same thing at my house not too long ago!! I started with the food aspartame and sucralose products theres a video on google about it called Sweet Misery it absolutely freaked me out!! As for the internet thing your right it is toying with free speech but thats whats going on today with this administration eroding our constitution. Look at Don Imus getting fired, shouldnt we have the option to listen or not, Bill Maher got fired just the same now hes on HBO. My senator John McCain (I did not vote for him) back in Dec tryed to pass this thru legislation This would kill blogging, and even DST and this guy wants to be president hehe ;) Nice chatting w/ you!