Thursday, April 19, 2007


Here is my latest LO. I thought this was going to be really hard but it was easy. Some advice given for the challenge was to "not over think it. SOOOO true. Anyway the challenge was for a BOM (for non scrappers BOM = Book Of Me.) The topic was "Who inspires or influences you." Here is my interpretation of that.


Susan’s Heart Kit by Donna Rafferty
Rina Kores Jiffy Stax Template
Font: Evanescent

The journaling is incredibley small when you resize for the uploading so here is the journaling:

The type of person that inspires me is:
Someone who is loyal
Someone who isn’t to proud to admit they are wrong
Someone who is practical
Someone who can put their hand to just about anything
Someone who has the “give it a go” and actually do it
Someone who loves nature
Someone who has a good eye for photography. Even if they
cant take a good photo
Someone who is honest.
Someone who loves kids
Someone who wants to better themselves
Someone who has been there and done it and really “knows”
what they are talking about
Someone who is genuine
Someone who isn’t judgmental
Some who just by being around them encourages me to be
a better person

Definition of Inspiration/inspire.
1. transitive and intransitive verb stimulate somebody to
do something: to encourage somebody to greater effort,
enthusiasm, or creativity

It sort of sounds like an ad for a friend but I suppose friends are meant to inspire you when you look at the list.

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