Monday, April 2, 2007

Gina Miller's Creative Team Challenges

I got my regular email from Gina Miller Designs shop in my mailbox this morning. I really love her stuff but Im a freebie junkie so only really have some freebies of hers. BUT today I splashed out and "paid" for some things. I have been wanting to get some more things of hers for AGES and also some more negative/photo frames. WELL her email tipped me over the edge and I splashed out. I had some money back from a refund and off I went and got her “Don’t Be Negative Photo Clusters” & a collaboration kit with Kate Hadfield called "Color Me Funky." You can find them at her store here: They are both 15% off at the moment so BONUS!!!

ALSO on that email came another link for her CT's weekly challenges starting this week. That link is here: I suppose this was really what tipped me for buying something from the store as I wanted to participate in the challenge and I really didnt have enough to go with it and meet the requirements.

So this is what I have come up with for the challenge......

Credits: Color Me Funky Kit by Gina Miller and Kate Hadfield
“Don’t Be Negative Photo Clusters” by Gina Miller
White Stitching by Laura Judd
Swirl by Meredith Fenwick
Font FanciHand

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karen said...

Love the layout Sharon. The hot pink and black look so sophisticated and I love your use of the negative space.