Monday, April 23, 2007

Combination post....with a Toot and a Blog Prompt

I didn't want to have to many posts so that the ANZAC day post would go to far down the list before Wednesday. Hence the combination post.....not that it matters that they are combined or anything. I suppose its just my weird/quirky sense or need to have everything specifically

First the blog prompt:
Spend 5 minutes writing about your advice for having a fulfilled life.

Started at 9.22pm

Wow what can I say about having a fulfilled life. I'm not sure that mine is totally fulfilled. I every so often think about how I can improve it or things I should try etc. But really I am pretty happy with things as they are. I just have to implement change occasionally to kick start things again. Well so far no advice for someone else.

So having said the above I suppose one thing would be to not let others tell you you cant do something. That would be a big thing for me. Someone who has influence in my life (from day dot this is) tells me I cant do something and for some reason I think I cant. AND I am not one to go with the "crowd" or anything like that either. I do have an opinion of my own......when I'm not trying to be politically correct.

Ok still not much advice there and its nearly 5 min's. I think another thing would be to be able to love yourself. That is important. If you cant do that then you cant love your life and be as fulfilled as you would want to be.

If that all makes sense.......well time is up.

Ended 9.27pm.

Time for a spell check!

Toot: I did a challenge on CCD and got picked as one of the LO's for the month. I am a little excited about that :)

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Karen aka Cloggie68 said...

Congratulations on having your LO in as LO of the month!