Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blog Prompt for Tuesday and Wednesday

I sort of miss some of these on the day because of time differences so occassionally I have to double up hence the two days together.

Free Advertising!! Are there three products in your life that you just love (favorite scrapping designer? a cleaning product that does what it claims? or your favorite restaurant?)? Tell us about them! (Add links and maybe we'll decide we can't live without them either )

1. Digi Scrapbooking - I would have to say that not only is it a life saver for me to unwind with but I can see a long term purpose to it. I love that my family will be able to look back on it and see what they were like as kids. What I am like and an insite into the family.

2. My camera - I love my camera. Where would I be without it. I find I am taking it with me more and more places and finding heaps to photograph.

Usana which is something that I have just picked up recently. I did the "Reset" program and lost 4kgs (8.8lbs) in the 5 days!! I also lost my cravings for chocolate and sweet things. I no longer NEED them :) Well worth the money for sure.


In honor of Sibling's Day, talk about your relationship with your siblings. If you don't have any, tell us how you feel about that.

Well I have one brother. Thats it. He is younger than me and lives in Sydney. To be honest I suppose we both dont know a whole heap about each others lives unless we call mum as we dont really call each other much. Although having said that I dont really think we feel a "need" to either. We seem to do fine with the relationship we have. I cant say that we have ever been "close" but I wouldnt say we werent either. He will tell me stuff he wont tell mum and dad (like when his in trouble.) He asks me for money (if you read this PK you still owe me from last time) and sometimes a bed when he comes down to visit. I havent seen him for...oww...about a year or more now but hopefully he will be at Grandma's 80th in June this year.


Zebette said...

I have a brother (older) who I am not that close with but we get along when we see each other. We live in different states so don't see each other much. It seems to work for us. I also have a sister..called Sharon *cue spooky music*

Tammy said...

Great story about your brother. We all seem to have great stories about them.