Wednesday, April 18, 2007

100th Digi LO

Wow I just realised (and did a bit of a count up) that I have now hit 100 digi LO's with the last one I just posted. WOW!!! That is an average of 12.5 per month. Considering I had about 2 months there were I couldnt use the computer (average goes up to: 16.6) that is pretty impressive!!! Anyway I think I will leave it for tonight. I have done 3 LO's today and I really should have been cleaning out my bathroom cupboard. THATS a whole other story. I will have to fill you all in on that one in the next couple of days. Its just taking things up a notch and into a new "phase" of our lives. Sounds major huh!?

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Chris said...

Oooh do tell Sharon do tell although by the sounds of it I would prefer to scrap than clean anything....including the
Congrats on the 100th digi LO as well WTG!!!